Changing Order of the World

After traveling to America in the summer of 2012 all the pieces of the puzzle fell in place. It dawned upon me that we mainly focuss on current events and don’t pay enough attention to the whole picture, I became more aware of the epoche we live in with major changes that occur. I got very absorbed in my research and develloped a vision about past, present and future. In my perspective we have always shifted from one period to the other. We can compare that with examples like the decay of the Greek empire and the rise of the Roman empire. And the lost of the Byzantine empire followed by the genesis of the Ottoman empire. Also nowadays I see a lot of signs pointing in that direction of change. Inspired by my investigations in 2012 I did start a series of artworks with the title ”The changing order of the world”. The subjointed tekst I wrote on the 8th of September 2012 covers the essence.

In my perception we are in the passage towards a new era: a transition. The established order is stumbling. A structural change as a result of interacting and reinforcing forces. The present world powers will play less of a dominant role in the future. Different positions will be taken as a consequence of those changes, which will lead to a new order. The demand for adjustment will cost a lot of strength. In the new order a lot of things will be positioned in a new way.

“Met mijn kunstproject wil ik een bijdrage leveren aan de bewustwording van het tijdsgewricht waarin wij leven en aan de dialoog die daar verband mee houdt.”